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Distinguished Service Award

The CJF Distinguished Service Award is given annually in the fall to a lay leader who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and service to the Jewish community.  Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award have founded the Columbia Jewish Film Festival, the Columbia Holocaust Education Commission and made possible the Katie and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center, among many other illustrious accomplishments that have benefited our Jewish community and often the community at large.​



Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2019   Larry Needle

2018   Steve Savitz

2017   Charlotte Kahn

2016   Bruce Filler

2015    Dr. Stephen Serbin

2014    Lyssa Harvey

2013    Arline Polinksy

2012    Shep Cutler*

2011    Dr. Lilly Filler

2010    John Baker

2009    Jerry Kline

2008    Edward Poliakoff

2007    Bernard “Nard” Fleischman Jr.

2006    Shelley Kriegshaber

2005    Fred Seidenberg

2004    Heidi Lovit

2003    Norman Arnold

2002    Dr. David Lovit

2001    Barbara Blau

2000    Frank Lourie

1999    Dr. Morris Blachman

1998    Dr. David Kulbersh

1997    Jane Kulbersh

1996    Hyman Rubin, Jr.

1995    Meta Miller*

1994    Dr. Herbert Niestat

1993    Eleanor Niestat

1992    Sen. Isadore Lourie*

1991    Samuel Tenenbaum

1990    Alan Kahn

1989    Sen. Hyman Rubin, Sr.*

1988    David Baker*

1987    Helen Silver

1986    Lee Baker*

1985    Dr. Hilel Salomon

1984    Pat Baker*

1983    Arnold Bernstein*

1982    Howard Weiss

1981    Melton Kligman*


*Of Blessed Memory